01. Material and Creativity

02. Respect and Moderation

03. Analysis & Personalization

  1. 01. Material and Creativity

    Careful research has led to the selection of sheets of recycled cardboard, which are bonded using water or plant-based glue to honeycomb structures made of previously stretched and dried paper card. The paper card honeycomb cells allow the material to breathe and give it elasticity. This light, resistant material is suited to many indoor applications. Completed with elements in natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen and felt, it comes to life while maintaining a minimalist meticulousness that makes it both attractive and contemporary – perfect for transforming creativity into reality.

  2. 02. Respect and Moderation

    A respect for the environment and the practice of recycling go hand in hand. Moderation in exploiting natural resources and limiting possibly polluting chemical processes. Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials and reduces the consumption of raw materials, the use of energy and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling is a key concept in the modern treatment of waste.

  3. 03. Analysis & Personalization

    The design and construction of an object or system that answers functional and aesthetic needs is the essence of design. Analysis involves a study of an object’s intended use, its user and the environment in which it is placed, as well as the materials with which it is made. ORIGAMI FURNITURE addresses the creative demands of architects and designers and is able to convert them into reality, thereby giving shape to original projects. Attention to the specific identity of each project makes ORIGAMI FURNITURE the ideal partner, combining design awareness, eco-sustainability and constructive skill.